An experiment in American Stocks

One thing is for sure, my ability to reign in the horse on forex is still far from over, or even perfect. As you can see, TACTiCaL hasn’t been smooth sailing.

I only have myself to blame.

Still not sticking to the strategy, still not being disciplined , and still not writing enough down.

TAC was supposed to be trading against the crowd, but so far, I have learned that the EUR/USD seems to avoid the norm, in the sense that most traders are wrong most of the time. It almost seems that they are right most of the time in this particular instrument. Why?

Also, I have been paying attention to myfxbook’s outlook , which according to them , agrgates the real account data and displays it as a level of sentiment. Interestingly , my broker does the same thing for orders on their system, and it shows less sentiment and more draws, often the difference never exceeding 40%/60% .

So we know that not all open orders can be displayed on forex, that only the volume and transactions on any given broker, or voluntarry system can be displayed at any time. So, is this really a good idea? I mean, still, most traders are wrong most of the time, but can that be something you can see in? Which crowd ( or agregatted group of traders ) is going to be the least right? Or the more often wrong?

The one thng that always annoyed me about forex was the lack of absolutes , such as volumes and sentiment. Not that I think American stocks will be better to base a sentiment based strategy on, but maybe the attitude of the overall sentiment will be more predictiable ? In forex, it is very clear that there is so many traders in the market that have no idea what they are doing, it creates a lot of static, to the point where the trades you decide on are right, but you have to hold on for quite some time to see them fully blossom .

So, as well as doing the forex work I am doing, I think it is time to start paper trading American stocks.

I have redownloaded ToS and have logged back into my account. The plan is to simply look for big movers, S&R bounces, and round number bounces, and gaps. If I can safely and properly trade them, then something has been learned , otherwise, I might be wasting my time.

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