Systematic Journeys

Moving through my process of finding new systems, retesting old and current systems, and explaining my thoughts and journalist my results

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Sexy Tools

Tools and utilities either discovered or developed. Currently native to MT4 , but other platforms and systems maybe used in the future

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Educational Systems

Plenty of information to learn from including techincal chart analysis , simple principle ideas and theories found all over the internet, and a chat room for forex traders

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FSM Trading for Forex

The idea of the Flying Speghetti Monster in forex trading came from the notion of the appearance of chaos. Though the charts appear to be made from chaos, and though often times the price action can actually be chaotic in nature, understanding the chaos at its core is what FSM Trading is all about.

Within the site, you will find helpful information, articles on specific subject matter, and more, all related to all things Forex. If you sign up to the newsletter, you will be provided with membership to the site, including a chat room and access to educational information.

Welcome to the church of Pastafarianism


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